Talent Mapping to address transformation in an Evolving Business

    Key themes:
    • Transformation
    • New skills
    • Gender parity
    Client requirements and mandate:
    • Conduct comprehensive research within the South African market to identify suitable solutions sales professionals with IT capability, across four management tiers with the purpose of:
    • Shortening recruitment cycles
    • Limiting business risk by enhancing succession planning

    Business challenges:

    • Understand the availability of such talent to meet the Client’s employment criteria
    • Create a collective view of the competitive landscape
    • Get a real perspective of the Client’s brand and EVP within this community
    • Build the Client’s brand and market awareness
    • Earmark exceptional talent and build an accessible talent pool
    • Fast track talent into the organisation as a proactive approach
    • Gain insight into current earnings and trends within this community

    Project approach:

    Internal and external talent mapping was applied.


    All job descriptions were reviewed and insights developed through sessions with line and HR business partners. The landscape was defined to include industry and company target lists, gauging specific nuances and challenges for each environment. Key output for all areas included:

    • Race
    • Gender
    • Job title
    • Qualifications
    • Experience and competencies
    • Earnings

    Research of each targeted company and developing organograms and mapping the sales structure and skills. Determining fit and interest based on the direct engagement and concluding face to face interviews with individuals meeting key criteria. Developing a database of all resumes and implementing a loyalty programme to retain the skills. Managing the full on-boarding process including references, checks, negotiations and finalising of employment contracts.

    Outcome & Value

    The Client received 77 detailed organograms. From this research and “pipeline” of potential future talent the Client could proactively target the most suitable talent. A comprehensive understanding of experience, commensurate commercial packages and equity / gender representation provided a “real as is“ within the current skills landscape. This would direct the Client as to how potential skill is approached and enticed.

    Reduced turnaround time on open vacancies from 6 months (26 weeks) to 2 months (8 weeks) | All appointments concluded equity appointments, addressing their transformation agenda.

    • 2000 people mapped
    • 47,5% met the Client’s criteria
    • Of the ideal pool 27% would work for the Client
    • This established a community of 294 Client ready resources

    Our technology platform presented the desired results and format of data, which included graphs, comparisons and cross-referenced analytics, enabling process efficiencies for both qualitative and quantitative accuracy.