EOH and Cortez supporting sustainable transformation

    Education is paramount in building a prosperous South Africa. In order to give back and get involved as a responsible organisation, we have partnered with causes which we believe can help us realise and support this vision. We are proud supporters of the following inspirational projects:

    EOH Job Creation Initiative

    EOH has pioneered a youth job creation initiative which is becoming widely emulated by partners and South African businesses at large. This is not a ‘token’ initiative – it was embraced by EOH with effect from 2012, and is being grown both within the company and in its partner ecosystem.

    By making effective use of government skills development initiatives and the intellectual resources at the disposal of EOH, the company took on over 600 learners and graduate interns in 2012, absorbed them into the workforce, and set about imparting work skills to them. Most of them are now employed within the company or its partner ecosystem. This year, another 600 are being mentored, learning the business skills that will make them employable for life.

    EOH has made the skills development team and resources freely available to any other company that wishes to replicate the model. To find out more about how your company can participate in a youth job creation initiative, click on this link.

    Afrika Tikkun

    EOH provides support to the Child and Youth Development Programmes of Afrika Tikkun. The aim is to provide a sustainable future for children in townships. It has been repeatedly proven that high quality Early Childhood and Child and Youth Development Programmes can break the cycle of poverty in a community. For more information visit Afrika Tikkun

    Maths Centre

    The Maths Centre Incorporating Sciences, popularly known as the Maths Centre, is a non-profit promoting excellence in mathematics, science, technology and entrepreneurship education; spread across all provinces in South Africa. The primary objective is to equip teachers, learners and parents with materials and programmes to develop a higher competency and performance in these learning areas for Grades R - 12. EOH supports the rolling out of these programmes to 10 high schools including two special needs schools in the Johannesburg East Rand area. For more information visit the MCIS website.

    Tutudesk Project

    EOH proudly supports the Tutudesk Project who provides portable school desks, to children in Sub Saharan Africa, where over 95 million school children don't have the benefit of a classroom desk. The lack of a desk, a writing surface, affects handwriting, concentration and overall academic performance. To date over 1 million desks have been distributed. For more information about the Tutudesk project please visit this link.

    South African Police Service Education Trust (SAPSET)

    EOH recently committed to supporting the South African Police Service Education Trust which was established to support the educational needs of children of police members who died in the line of duty. We are proud of our social investments and believe regular interaction and engagement with the organisations that we support is important to both our staff and benefactors. For more info visit www.saps.gov.za

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